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Yearbook Information

Yearbook Prices & Information

Turoquoi 2019-20 Prices

Yearbooks are ordered based on pre-payments only; extras are not ordered.

If you don't order one, you won't get one.


With ASB





August 20 to December 21 , 2019



January 7, 2020 - End of Year




Senior and Business Ads

Payments to Mrs. Armas in Activities no later than TBA!






Good until sold out                  





Purchasing a Yearbook or Senior Ad

The AHS Yearbook/Turoquoi cannot guarantee that yearbooks will be available for purchase after Dec. 1, the date when we place our order with the publisher.  Students are encouraged to buy a yearbook as early as possible.  See the Senior Ads section below for other information.  Checks may be made payable to "AHS Yearbook."

You may pay by:

  1. Going to the Activities Office and paying with cash or check (accepted until late April).

  2.  Going to the Yearbook room (by May 1) and paying with exact cash or check (accepted until late April).

We are sorry that we are not able to accept partial or installment payments for yearbooks or ads.


Senior and Business Ads

Sizes & Payments

Senior ads may be purchased by or for seniors.  Ads are available in full-page (8 x 10-1/2), half-page, quarter-page sizes, and eighth pages (limited availability).  We accept ads shared by seniors; they must be paid for at the same time. 

“Secret” ads should be mailed or delivered to the address above with complete contact information, including email, for the person ordering the ad; please mark “secret” on your check.  Current prices for the ads—which do go up throughout the school year are below.  Prices go up substantially; the earlier you purchase and provide your materials, the more you save.

Materials & Deadlines

All photos and text for senior ads must be delivered to the yearbook staff by the payment deadline date.  Discounted ad prices are based on receiving these materials according to schedule.

The availability of ads is guaranteed until Jan. 31.  After that date, you may purchase an ad if space is available.

Materials Preparation

Provide a “map” to where you want photos and text and their relative sizes.  We are no longer accepting paper. All submissions must be emailed.  If you prefer to email photos (advisor’s link, above), you may send up to 6 ½-MB (500 KB) photo or 2 1-MB photos in each email.  All photos submitted this way must be jpgs.  Send larger digital photos to us on a flash drive.

Business Design Services

We have complete design and photographic services.  Please email the advisor, Mrs. Grennan, for information.


You will be provided with 1 proof, either by email, via your student, or via mail to your address; let us know which you prefer.  Note any changes needed and return the proof to us within 1 week of your receipt.  Proofs not returned within 1 week will be assumed to be approved.

Right of Refusal

The Yearbook staff and/or advisor reserve the right to refuse to publish any photos, text, or ads which are inappropriate for the yearbook.  Items displaying or referencing gang affiliation, liquor, tobacco, or drugs or are sexually explicit will be automatically excluded.

Senior Portraits--Deadline:

All seniors wishing to have their formal portraits in the senior portraits section must have their photographs taken by our school photographer. All senior portraits must be completed at the studio by the deadline to be included in the yearbook.  See other senior portrait information on this website for current prices; all photography fees must be paid at the time of the sitting.

Senior Photos

Seniors who miss or choose not to have a formal portrait taken may be included in the “More Seniors” section, which directly follows the senior portraits section.  Senior photos will be taken by Lifetouch Photography.  You may also visit the studio to have a school picture taken (sitting fee applies).  You must bring a check payable to the studio or cash to purchase photos on the date taken. These photos are the only way to be included in the “More Seniors” section.  Photos taken by school staff for student I.D. cards will not be included in the yearbook.

Missed Senior Portraits & Photos

If you miss all opportunities for a senior portrait or photo, you will not be in those sections of the yearbook.  You may, of course, buy a senior portrait from a commercial photographer for your personal use—for relatives, job and college applications, yearbook senior ad pages, etc.—but we cannot include them in the senior sections of the yearbook.  

Other Senior Premium Pages—Available in the Yearbook Room

Senior Baby Pictures

One or more pages featuring color senior baby pictures is available, depending on the number of photos submitted.  The deadline is when the spots are all filled.  Photos will be scanned and returned.

Senior Cars

One or more pages featuring color photos of senior cars is available, depending on the demand.  An appointment for the car photo to be taken by a yearbook staffer must be made or  you may provide your own.  The deadline is when the spots are all filled.  Student may have friends pose with them.

Other Student Opportunities to Be in the Yearbook

Teams and clubs generally have a group photo taken that is included in the yearbook.  The coaches and club advisors are responsible for communicating the dates of these photos to their groups.  We include a caption with student names.  For larger groups—JROTC, band, etc.—we will include a roster that is not keyed to the students’ positions in the photos.  We cannot guarantee the inclusion of any group photo that cannot be taken in a timely manner or that postpones an appointment with the school photographer.

Undergraduate Portraits (Grades 9–11)

The class portraits sections of the yearbook are composed of photos taken by our school photographer, Lifetouch Photography.  If you miss both dates, you may go to the studio, with an appointment, and make-up the sitting (sitting fee applies).  When posing for these photos, please make certain that the student’s dress is dress code compliant.  Additionally, all T-shirts and blouses should be free of lettering. 



Angel Clenney, Advisor

Email Ms. Clenney


Our School Photographer


Lifetouch National School Studios



Senior Portraits through Prestige Lifetouch