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Physical Education Department

Course Descriptions Physical Education

Required Units as indicated under the Graduation Requirements section, students must pass 20 credits of PE in order to graduate.

Department Grading Policy A student’s P.E. grade is based on active participation, cooperation, sportsmanship, knowledge of rules and competence in each activity.

CO-ED PE Required for Freshmen All ninth graders (including those on an athletic team) are required to be enrolled in Course I.

Medical Excuses: Long-term medical excuses are accepted only when the Guidance Office receives a doctor’s note.

Dress: TOP – Aztec P.E. shirt available from P.E. office - $8.00 BOTTOM – Black shorts available from P.E. Office - $12.00 SWEATS – Plain black or Aztec sweats - $15.00


Physical Fitness Test

State-mandated physical fitness testing is administered each year in March and April. Students must enroll in a P.E. class until the physical fitness test is passed.


Physical Education
Course I PE16 Grade 9 Year

Provides daily exercise, promotes strength, flexibility and endurance. Dual sports, dance/rhythms, aquatics, and fitness activities are covered in Course I. Course I provides the first opportunity for students to pass the high school Physical Fitness test.

Course II PE42 Grade 10 Year
Provides daily exercise, promotes strength, flexibility and endurance. Team activities, gymnastics/tumbling, combatives, and fitness activities are covered in Course II.

Weight Training/Conditioning PE21 Grades 11-12 Year
Prerequisite: Completion of Course I and Course II.
Includes weight training and other P.E. activities. This section is for the regular P.E. student.

Athletics PE26 Grades 11-12 Year
Prerequisite: For Athletes only. Instructor permission required.
Sports P.E Students participating in (one) of the following sports and successfully completing the season received 2.5 units of elective PE credit per sport. This (counts as) elective Physical Education credit may be used in the 11th and 12th grade year, providing the Physical Fitness test has been passed and Course I & II have been completed.

Physical Education Department Staff


Gary Hart

Phone:  626-815-3476

Email Mr. Hart


Craig Schuster

Phone:  626-815-3476

Email Mr. Schuster


Meaghan Prendergast

Department Chair

Phone:  626-815-3475

Email Ms. Prendergast




Fall Sports
Girls' Cross Country, Boys' Cross Country, Football, Girls' Golf, Girls' Tennis, Girls' Volleyball


Winter Sports
Girls' Basketball, Boys' Basketball, Girls' Soccer, Boys' Soccer, Wrestling


Spring Sports
Co-Ed Badminton, Baseball, Softball, Boys' Golf, Boys' Tennis, Boys' Track, Girls' Track, Swimming