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Frequently Asked Questions

If I IB do I have to attend international Universities? 

No.  But being an IB diploma student will make being accepted to international as well as US universities more likely to happen.  All data show that universities accept IB graduates at a high rate.  Highly selective universities are especially happy to see IB students.

Is being in the Pre-IB course pathway required? 

No.  But there are some prerequisites, having completed two years of either French or Spanish (or an equivalent) is one such requirement. 

If I’m in Pre-IB, do I have to take IB my junior and senior year?

No.  We have many students who attend Azusa High School, begin in Pre-IB and decide to go to our Engineering pathway or another course of study.  Pre-IB, like IB prepares you to be a better student, not in just one pathway but in all pathways.