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Non-Departmental Courses

Course Descriptions: Other Non-Departmental Courses

Academic Decathlon | ND934 | Grades 9-12 | Semester/Fall

Fall semester course, which prepares students for the rigorous Academic Decathlon, a competition held each year on the first Saturday of February. Students will be exposed to a diverse curriculum which includes topics in Mathematics, Economics, Literature, Science, Social Science, Art and Music. Students will also prepare speeches and essays for this competition. In addition to preparing for the competition, this course will also expose students to the level of academic discourse on par with a college seminar class.

Leadership | ND931 | Grades 9-12 | Year

Prerequisite: Elected or appointed to a position in student government and/or permission of instructor.

Designed for the student active in student government, to provide opportunities for sharing in decision-making, planning and communication. Meets related graduation requirement. (Student must complete an application and go through an interview process to be considered.)

Pep Squad | ND930 | Grades 10-12 | Year

Prerequisite: This course is restricted to members of the pep squad.

In this class, members of the squad will prepare and practice routines for rallies, games, competitions and other special performances. Students do not receive PE credit for this class. (Only P.E. Waiver)

Attached Units | ND903 | Grades 9-12 | Year

Prerequisite: Audition by instructor.

Students wishing to be a part of the Band Auxiliary Units (such as Banners, Pageantry and Dance team) should enroll in this course. These groups compete with the marching band in parades and other competitions. Receives 10 units Azusa Unified School District Fine Arts graduation requirement.

Yearbook | ND942 | Grades 10-12 | Year

Prerequisite: All students must have a score of “Basic” or above in their STAR English CST.

Note: This course explores fundamentals of layout, headline and copywriting, digital publication, photography, artwork, and advertising. Students in this class actually create the yearbook. This course does not meet the CSU Fine Arts entrance requirement. One semester of this class counts towards the AUSD Fine Arts requirements; however, students must commit to the full year. New students may not enroll at the beginning of the spring semester. Course may be repeated for credit.

Driver Education | ND904 | Grades 10-12 | 1/2 Semester

Prerequisite: Must be at least 15 years of age on the first day of the class.

Credits earned: 2 ½. Cannot repeat the class. Classes are offered during “0” or “7th” period only.
Students will learn defensive driving strategies, the effects of alcohol and drugs on drivers, the rules of the road, signs and signals, how to maneuver a vehicle, proper scanning techniques, how to safely operate and maintain a motor vehicle, and study the Vehicle Code of the State of California. Students can earn the certificate of completion necessary for the provisional permit. There is NO driver training offered (behind-the-wheel). Behind-the-wheel experience must now be obtained through private sources.

Work Experience Education | ND938 | Grades 11-12 | Semester/Year

Prerequisite: Must be employed; at least 16 years old; and has junior or senior standing.

To receive credit for Work Experience, students must attend class one period per week; have a valid work permit (and other legal paperwork); and complete weekly-related instruction assignments.

Obtaining a Work Permit: Work permits are required for any student who is employed and is not yet 18 years old. Issued to students who exhibit good school attendance, arrive to class on time, and are passing all classes. Forms are obtained from the Career Center.

Adult Education | ND939 | Grades 11-12 | Semester/Year

Students can make-up failed graduation requirements through Adult Education courses. Enrollment is contingent on counselor approval following a parent/guardian conference.

College Studies | ND941 | Grades 11-12 | Semester/Year

Juniors and seniors are eligible to enroll in courses at the community college and in some instances, four-year colleges. High School graduation credit may be granted. Authorization for and information about these enrollments are available from the junior and senior counselors.

Lab. Asst. Tech | ND926 | Grades 11-12 | Semester/Year

Students will assist teacher in setting up lab and keeping it organized. Teacher or department chair approval.

Teacher Aide | ND925 | Grade 11-12 | Semester/Year

Prerequisite: 2.5 GPA, acceptable attendance, and teacher approval.

Students earn elective credit working as aides for classroom teachers. Meets the career-related graduation requirement Students must also be approved by the receiving teacher.

Office Service | ND928 | Grade 11-12 | Semester/Year

Prerequisite: 2.5 GPA, acceptable attendance, and counselor approval.

Under the direction of office staff, students will learn various phases of office operations. Meets the career related graduation requirement. Students must also be approved by the receiving office.

Library Training | ND929 | Grade 11-12 | Semester/Year

Prerequisite: 2.5 GPA.

Under the direction of the school librarian, students have hands-on experiences in all phases of library operations. Meets the career related graduation requirement.

*No more than 10 elective credits may be earned in Teacher Aide, Office Service or Library Training.

ROP Courses

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) (Semester)

Students will have an introduction to health team responsibilities regarding emergency calls, evaluation of emergency and appropriate action to prevent future injury. Prerequisites: 16 years of age, 11th or 12th grade, TB test, physical exam. (AUSD graduation elective)

Architectural Design/CADD (Semester)

This course is an intensive study in computer graphics. Combined with technical drafting standards, students use CADD to produce 3D graphic models for mechanical and/or architectural components. Upon completion of this program, students will have the skills necessary to function as a CADD technician in various disciplines such as mechanical, architectural, civil, or electrical design drafting, as well as 2D/3D illustration and visualization, using the animation component of the software. (AUSD graduation elective)