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Electronic Device Policy

(Revised 11-15-10)

Electronic devices used during instruction wastes time and causes disruption. In order to provide the best possible learning environment for all students, the follow policy is in place this year: 

  1. Electronic devices (Cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, PSP, Game Boy, still or video cameras, etc.) are easily stolen   and cause major disruptions at the school. Leave them at home!
  2. Electronic devices are to be turned off during class periods.
  3. Students may NOT use any electronic device, including cell phones, during class periods, whether the class is inside a building or outside, including students walking between buildings or classes during the period.
  4. School time will not be used to search for stolen or lost electronic devices. In the case of lost or stolen electronic devices, the school and the District shall NOT be deemed responsible for its replacement or damage.
  5. Students may not take still/video pictures without permission or the camera/phone may be confiscated.
  6. Electronic devices used during restricted times will be confiscated. They may be picked up in the Main Office after 3:00 PM as stated below provided the Student I.D. Card is presented.
  7. Students who refuse to surrender these items to any staff member upon request are defiant under Ed. Code 48900k and may be suspended.


1st Offense (Warning): 

  • Offense recorded into the student’s discipline record
  • Pick up after 3 PM same day by student (Student I. D. Card required)

2nd Offense (Warning): 

  • Offense recorded into the student’s discipline record
  • Pick up after 3 PM by parent (Student I. D. Card required)

3rd Offense & Following (Discipline by Administrative Discretion):

  • Possible Consequences may include, but are not limited to the following
  • Device may be held for extended period of time
  • Other school discipline for disruption of school activities (detention, campus beautification, etc.)
  • Suspension from school and
  • Offense recorded into the student’s discipline record
  • Pick up by parent only (Student I. D. Card required)

Students may not use a listening or recording device in a classroom without the prior approval of the teacher and the principal. (Ed. Code 51512) This includes recording anybody or any activity in a classroom whether the class is held inside or outside. Consequences for this are determined by the administrator.

Guidance Office Staff

Lorraine Pegorari, Assistant Principal 

Lorraine Pegorari, Assistant Principal

Phone: 626-815-3490

Email Mrs. Pegorari



Andrea Carlos, Secretary 

Andrea Carlos, Secretary

Phone:  626-815-3419

Email Ms. Carlos



 Laura Navarro, Data Entry Clerk 

Laura Navarro, Data Entry Clerk

Phone:  626-815-3418

Email Mrs. Navarro



Lydia Sanchez, Clerk 

Lydia Sanchez, Clerk

Phone: 626-815-3411

Email Ms. Sanchez