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Aeries Parent/Student Portal Now Open

. . . is now available! Students were given their log-in information and parent letters were sent home.

You can see your student’s grades, classes, period-by-period attendance, past standardized test performance, and a lot of useful information on AERIES, our new student information system.

Easy to follow directions listed on link below.

Forgotten your log-in information?  Call 815–3400.

Parent Information

Parents: We want the best for our students.  In this tough economic time, we ask parents to become involved in their student's education. Check out the parent groups in the left margin.

Please pick up your students from evening school activities at completion of the event.  

It will be appreciated by those who stay to make sure your students are picked up safely!

Parent/Alumni Athletic Pass

Parent/Alumni Athletic Pass: $35

Why wait in line at the gate?  Save money?

With a Parent Athletic Pass, you will be able to avoid the long ticket lines at athletic home game events.  If you have a student who plays more than one sport, you will save money. 

Make an appointment in the Activities Office to come in and get your photo ID Parent Pass today! 


Dropping Off Students At School


There are three (3) designated student drop-off areas:


Cerritos Avenue

1) Student Parking Lot--cars may exit north on Cerritos.

2) Main entrance and turn left, 400 Quad--cars may ONLY exit north on Cerritos. 

Rockvale Avenue

3) Curb unloading only.