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Grad Night Information

Grad Night 2019


Magic Mountain

Date: June 6, 2019

Time: 6 p.m.

Ticket price: $120

Includes a meal, and grad pass for the remainder of 2019.

No refund on the Grad Night tickets.

All sales are final. 


Qualifications to Attend Grad Night

Students must be cleared to attend Grad Night

  1. Azusa High School Senior
  2. Student MUST have completed a minimum of 170 credits toward graduation by end of semester one of this school year and officially graduate on June 5, 2019.
  3. No ASB Debts.
  4. No outstanding library/textbook fees.
  5. No outstanding discipline issues.
  6. Must have completed all detentions.
  7. Must have completed a current Senior Agreement.

Student Dress Code…acceptable for everyone:

  • Dress to impress:  Neat, clean, size appropriate, and not frayed or torn.
  • Jeans, dress pants, khakis, or capris are approved.  No shorts or t-shirts.
  • Must wear a “collared” shirt or blouse.
  • Comfortable walking shoes only.  No sandals.
  • Clothing and jewelry shall be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignia which:
    1. are crude, violent, vulgar, profane, prejudicial, or sexually suggestive.
    2. advocate the use of drugs or alcohol.
    3. by manner of being worn indicate an affiliation with a group or gang which may provoke violence or cause others to be intimidated.
  • Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments.  See-through or fishnet fabrics, spaghetti straps, halter-tops, off-the-shoulder or low cut tops, tank tops, bare midriffs are not permitted.
  • Purses no larger than 8.5” x 11”
  • Pre-approved medications (notify the Activities Office when purchasing ticket).

In addition, students shall not be allowed to wear buttons, badges, or other insignia, which promote graffiti, the use of spray cans or weapons, or sexually suggestive messages or photos.


Unacceptable for Everyone:

  1. Any clothing affiliated with a school, sports team, group, club, etc. (i.e. letterman jackets, clothing with school logos, etc.).
  2. Clothing not in good repair (torn jeans, shirts, etc.).
  3. Extremely revealing clothing (i.e. bathing suit tops or bottoms, see-through clothing, etc.).
  4. All backpacks, briefcases, camera bags, tote bags and oversized purses.
  5. Cameras, cell phones, and pagers are OK if not in a case.
  6. No headwear of any kind (caps, hats, bandanas or beanies)
  7. Weapons, knives, chemical irritants of any kind, laser pointers.
  8. Food and beverage (including water bottles and snack items).
  9. Prescription medication (inhalers are OK).
  10. Over the counter medications.
  11. Tobacco products (cigarettes, vapes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff, etc.) and related material (lighters, matches, pipes, etc.).
  12. Alcohol or any controlled substance.

Further questions about dress code guidelines will be answered by calling the Six Flags Group Sales department at 661-255-4806.


This ticket is being sold to your student because he /she is currently cleared as of the date of sale.  If he/she receives discipline or detention and does not serve, he/she will not be allowed to attend Grad Night. Once the ticket is purchased, there will be no refunds. 


Ticket sales end May 24, 2019