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Athletic Clearances

Athletic Clearance Schedule

Physicals for 19-20 Athletics will be May 10 starting at 2:30 for $10.00 cash. Location: Training Room

Athletic clearance for 2019-2020 School year will be May 1-31.  Pick up the Instruction/Signature Page from the Athletic Office, follow the instructions to register after May 1, get your physical done and turn in your paperwork to the Athletic Office before MAY 31.  

Azusa High Clearance Procedure


On-Line Clearance

Athletes and Parent should complete these forms together!

  1. Register at
  2. Select school year, school (Azusa CIFSS) and sport.
  3. Complete Student Information (all questions must be answered to continue).
  4. You may download the Physical Form to take to your Physician. You may then upload the completed form OR return it to the Athletic Office. Please make sure the Physician both signs and stamps the physical form.
  5. Complete the Parent Information Section.
  6. Both Parent and Athlete should complete the signature section together. These forms may be down loaded to keep as a reference.  Once completed, you will receive notification to report to the Athletic Office for your Emergency Card and Uniform Card.
  7. If you play another sport, your information will be saved. You will sign into your account, choose the new sport, and complete the required questions.

There are tutorials that you may refer to for directions or for any questions.

The Azusa High Parent Center is open for computer use.

Still have questions?

Call the Athletic Office at 626-815-3445 or e-mail Mr. Velasco at

Return this sheet with signatures

By using an electronic signature you are agreeing that all answers are true and correct, that you have read and understand each of the Consent forms and that the electronic signature is YOUR electronic signature.

Parent Signature ______________________________       Date: ______________ 

Student Signature _____________________________      Date: ______________

Print Student Name ____________________________     STUDENT ID# ________

-------------- Do not write below this line --------------

Clearance # _______________                                         Sport _______________________________