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Dr. Martin Gomez, Principal
Dr. Martin Gomez, Principal

Phone:  626-815-3400

Email Mr. Gomez


Lorraine Pegorari, Asst. Principal
Lorraine Pegorari, Asst. Principal

Phone:  626-815-3490

Email Mrs. Pegorari

Rob Velasco, Asst. Principal
Rob Velasco, Asst. Principal

Phone:  626-815-3425

Email Mr. Velasco


Main Office

Phone:  626-815-3400
Fax:  626-815-3430

Maria Cota
Maria Aguayo, Principal's Secretary
Phone:  626-815-3404
Email: Ms. Aguayo


Irene Rodriguez
Irene Rodriguez, Clerk
Phone:  626-815-3401
Email: Mrs. Rodriguez


Leticia Enriquez
Leticia Enriquez, Community Liason
Phone:  626-815-3521
Email Ms. Enriquez


Darren Spence, Athletic Director
Phone:  626-815-3433
Email Mr. Spence


Attendance Office

Phone:  626-815-3491
Fax:  626-815-5206
Attendance Office webpage


Guille Castro
Guille Castro, Clerk
Phone:  626-815-3403
Email Ms. Castro


Sylvia Lopez, Clerk
Phone:  626-815-3402
Email Mrs. Lopez


Activities & Media Office

Phone:  626-815-5225
Fax:  626-815-3426
Activities & Media Center Office Webpage

Mrs. Quinonez
Hilda Quiñonez, Secretary
Phone: 626-815-3421
Email: Mrs. Quiñonez


Jenny Armas
Jenny Armas, ASB Financial Clerk
Phone:  626-815-3427


Isabel Loera, Media Clerk
Phone:  626-815-3422
Email: Mrs. Loera


Curriculum, Assessment & Student Services Office

Phone:  626-815-3428
Fax:  626-815-3412
Curriculum & Testing Webpage

Annette Campos
Annette Campos, Secretary
Phone:  626-815-3428
Email: Ms. Campos


College & Career Center

Phone:  626-815-3463
College & Career Center Webpage

Karina Hernandez
College & Career Center Technician
Phone:  626-815-3465
Email Ms. Hernandez


Robin Airheart

Robin Airheart
Computer Lab Technician
Phone:  626-815-3462
Email Ms. Airheart


Guidance & Counseling Office

Phone:  626-815-3490
Fax:  626-815-3412
Guidance & Counseling Office Webpage


Andrea Carlos
Andrea Carlos, Secretary
Phone:  626-815-3419
Email Mrs. Carlos

Crystal Mejia, Counselor
Class of 2021 - Juniors
Phone: 626 815-3490
Email Mrs. Mejia

Jackie Hoke, Counselor
Class of 2022 - Sophomores 
Phone:  626-815-3490
Email Mrs. Hoke

David Lewis, Counselor
Class of 2023 - Freshman
Phone: 626-815-3490
Email Mr. Lewis

Ana Sanchez, Counselor
Class of 2020 - Seniors
Phone:  626-815-3490
Email Ms. Sanchez


Laura Navarro
Laura Navarro, Data Entry Clerk
Phone:  626-815-3418
Email Mrs. Navarro


Lydia Sanchez
Lydia Sanchez, Clerk
Phone:  626-815-3411
Email Mrs. Sanchez


Health Services

Health Services Office Webpage

Rosa Araiza
Rosa Araiza, Health Clerk
Phone:  626-815-3434
Email Ms. Araiza