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For all English Classes

English Homework

Homework is assigned daily Monday-Thursday.  Fridays and weekends are for making up work not completed in class or as homework Monday-Thursday.

Homework includes the following:

  • 30 Minutes of Reading 
  • Reading Log
  • Language Review, 5 questions per day.
  • Any incomplete work from class.

SDC English Syllabus

Azusa High School SDC English Syllabus


Mrs. Wendy Esparza

(626) 815-3400 ext. 3558

Room 221


School website:

Teachers website:


This Document is to remain in your notebook and is worth 20pts during each notebook check


From the Instructor:

Welcome!  My name is Mrs. Esparza and I am excited to be here with you during my twelfth year at AHS.  I will be helping you to get use to the atmosphere here at AHS as some of you are transitioning into high school as a 9th grader or are new to AHS.  I feel extremely lucky to be your instructor and am looking forward to having a very successful year.  Please feel free to contact me at any time in order to discuss this syllabus or to address any other questions or concerns that you may have.

Course Description:

AHS strongly believes in encouraging academic honesty and independence through each student’s experience in the classroom.  Those qualities and much more ranging from respect for others to maintaining classroom decorum will be expected by each high school student (please review AHS Parent/Student Handbook).  Those who are serious about acquiring skills that will help them to become better analytical thinkers through a variety of instructive techniques are more than welcome to share their ideas, comments, and suggestions with the instructor and class.  Let’s make this experience  unique and exciting as we progress through the academic year together.

We will do a variety of activities and assignments that will encourage students to think beyond the obvious in order to expand their interests in grammar and literature ranging from brainstorming and freewriting to analytical research.  Each being important to a student’s success in the adult world, whether they enter the workforce or continue their education at a community college or four year university.

Daily Required Materials For Class:  

2 black or blue ink pens

2 pencils or mechanical pencils with lead

1 composition notebook, to be used for journal

1 pink eraser

1”-2” 3-ring binder  - FOR ENGLISH ONLY

1 set of 6 tab dividers

Loose-leaf paper

Color pencils or 3 highlighters in pink, yellow, and green

Google Account- Each of you need to have your own personal Google account set up.

Any textbooks or reading materials that may be assigned along with something to read for pleasure.



Students are required to maintain a neat three-ring binder in order to keep notes, completed work, and work-in-progress properly organized.  The notebook will be checked 2-3 times a triad and given a grade to ensure that students are revising work or reviewing notes as necessary.  This notebook is for ENGLISH ONLY and accounts for 20% of student’s grade.

Writing Journal:

Each day at the start of class students will have a short writing assignment that should be completed in the first 10 minutes of class.  If the assignment is not completed in class it will need to be completed as part of homework for that day.  

Writing journals are checked during notebook checks, where they receive a score based on the completeness of the assignment and neatness.

Journal Slides are posted on my website so there is no reason to be behind on your journals.


Homework will be assigned Monday – Thursday night and will be collected each Friday morning.  Homework will consist of a Daily Language Review of 5 questions or Vocabulary, 30 minutes of reading and a Reading Log.  Homework is 25% of your grade.

Any assignment not completed in class for the day will also become homework that night and will need to be completed and ready to be turned in the following morning.  

In-Class Reading:


Students who complete their assignments are encouraged to spend the balance of their class time reading.  Each student must bring a piece of literature to read for this period.  This literature can be anything that is appropriate for your independent reading level, such as a magazine, newspaper, comic book, novel…. All materials should be appropriate for school.


As a class we will have a number of texts that we will be exploring this year.  Most all of this material will be at grade level, however we will take the time to read these texts together, discussing them at length as a class to be sure that we each have an understanding of the text.  We will also be using videos, audio recordings and other materials to help us in understanding the big message or idea being explored.

Writing and Revising:

All students will produce a written draft of writing assignments and will be instructed to revise and type assignments.  

  • Any work that is to be handed in for a grade must meet the short paper requirements: proper heading, typed in size 12 point, Times New Roman font and double-spaced and 1” margins top, bottom, and sides.

  • Example of what your paper should look like:



Student Name

Full Date (08/18/2015)

English- Period _____

Mrs. Esparza 


                                                                  Title of Paper


              Do not forget to indent for each paragraph and to start each sentence with


a capital and end each sentence with the proper punctuation.

  • All 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students will be expected to type short papers complete with MLA in-text citations and reference page. The short paper is expected to be 1.5-2 pages in length.

  • All drafts must be kept  in the student notebook with previous revisions.

  • ALL final drafts needs to be completed in Google docs and shared with me by clicking on the blue share button at the top right hand side of Google docs. Insert my email and make sure that the pencil in in the tab. My email address is as follows:

Extra Credit:

Extra credit is only given to students who are turning their work in regularly, but need a little boost to their grade to help with low scores. Student who do not turn their work in regularly need to become more responsible about completing their work and turning it in on time or no later than two week late. Extra Credit points are given for successful completion of AR Quizzes which can be taken in the Library or any of the computer labs, including our little lab in SDC.

Personal and Group Projects:

At least 2 projects will be assigned this year, where students will have to present and explain their findings in a well written essay and in front of the class through the use of Google Slide presentations and demonstrations.  I am aware that this is something that is difficult at best for many of our students.  This is precisely why we need to practice doing these kinds of projects in preparing for job interviews, college interviews and life in general.


All students are graded according to their individual abilities as students having special needs. What one student might do to get an “A” will not necessarily be what you may be expected to do for the same grade.

  • Assignments will be weighted in the following manner:

Homework                     25%    

Classwork                      25%    

Notebook                       20%

Quizzes                         10%                

Class Participation         20%                  

  • Grades in the grade book will be shown as:


= assignment has not been turned in and is not 2 weeks late as of yet.


= assignment is more than 2 weeks late and cannot receive a score.


= assignment was graded and received the points indicated.


Tutoring & Extra Help:

Extra help for this course is available before school, during lunch, and after school in Rm 221.  It is the responsibility of the student to come in for help when needed.

Make-up / Late Work:

When students are absent from school they will have one night for each day they were absent from school to make-up missing work.  All absences must be excused in order for a student to make-up work.  It is the student’s responsibility to get assignments from classmates and/or the teacher.

Late work will be accepted for up to two weeks from the due date, however it will only be worth 90% the first week and then 80% the second week.  Work more than 2 weeks late will receive a “0” in the gradebook.

Cell Phones/Electronics:

Per the Student / Parent Handbook, the district police states that cell phones are not to be out during class-time; however, I encourage my students to use the tools that they have in their pockets and backpacks in order to move around and overcome their disabilities.  With that being said students will be allowed to use this valuable tool in class, however if a student is caught using a cell phone inappropriately the following will take place.

  • 1st Offence”: Student will lose his/her phone for the rest of the day and will not be allowed to use it in class the next day. Student may pick up his/her phone after 3:00 pm in my room.

  • 2nd​ Offense ​(Warning): Student’s phone will be sent to the office. Pick up after 3 PM next day by parent.

  • 3rd​ Offense ​(Warning): Student’s phone will be sent to the office.  Pick up after 3 PM next day by parent.

  • 4th​ Offense: ​ Administrative Discretion

“Education is the most powerful tool we can use

change the world.”

                                                    - Nelson Mandela


Azusa High School SDC English Syllabus

Signature Page is Due by _______________

This Form is Worth 25 pts!


 Please fill out and return this page to Mrs. Esparza


By completing the information below, we confirm that we have read, understood and agree to the information and policies outlined in the syllabus.  

Email and phone numbers are for my information and use only.  They will not be shared with other parents or students.  Please feel free to email or call me with any questions or concerns.

This class is a Special Day Class, each student is being instructed according to his / her abilities and needs according to their specific disability.  Assignments and/or final grades will be adjusted according to those abilities and needs at the instructor's discretion.  All students are expected to do their best work daily.


Today’s Date: _________________


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Student Signature                                                                      Parent/Guardian Signature


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